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Glint Lighting Design is a dynamic, award-winning lighting design consultancy that seeks to enhance and transform built environments with bespoke lighting solutions. With our experience and technical expertise, we harness and apply the qualities of lighting to shape interior spaces, facades, and landscapes.


In all our projects, we aim to enhance the design narratives envisioned by the architects, interior and landscape designers. It is important that we create unique and memorable user experiences and promote comfort and wellness, while meeting the sustainability goals. To achieve this, we apply a methodical and meticulous approach in all our projects.

Who We Are

(01) Concept 

In this phase we deep dive into our client’s DNA and identify their needs and objectives. Through close dialogue with stakeholders and collaborators, we establish the goals and requirements of the project. The lighting design brief is established, and we begin to explore how lighting can enhance the uniqueness and character of the architecture or interior spaces.


We look at how lighting can lend expression to form, narrative and materiality. We envisage how users experience and function in spaces and think of ways to improve this experience through lighting and lighting control. At this early stage, we also consider budget, buildability, ease of maintenance and energy consumption.

(02) Development 

Our concepts are developed into technical solutions at this stage. The initial luminaire palette and control strategy and equipment are established. An ongoing dialogue with the client and consultant team is maintained to ensure good coordination and integration with all aspects. With the use of lighting simulation and physical mock-ups, we test our lighting solutions rigorously. 

(03) Tender 

We produce detailed documentations packages of drawings, specifications, control schedules and details for tender and construction purposes. To ensure that the design intents are successfully maintained, we conduct detailed technical appraisals for alternative lighting and control equipment.

(04) Construction

We provide advice and support to the project team throughout the construction process, in the form of both online and on-site meetings and reviews, and the answering of RFIs. We strive to maintain the vision and goals of the lighting design that has been approved at the conceptual stage. When the lighting installation is complete, we conduct a final inspection and provide directions for final setting up and the programming of lighting scenes. 

Approach / Process


Founder, Design Director 



Senior Lighting Designer

Associate IALD, CLD

Our Team

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