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Chang Chun Teng Sales Gallery, Chongqing

Project Information –

Year Completed: 2020

Client: Seedland

Location: Chongqing, China

Project Type: Sales Gallery

Photo Credits: Seedland

Project Description –

Located in Chongqing, China, this is a residential sales gallery built by a tech-savvy developer. The design of the project aims to redefine the concept of a typical sales gallery journey, using new spatial narratives and digital touchpoints which enable visitors to experience the developer’s smart living ecosystem. The sales gallery comes with an experience centre and a high-tech show unit that demonstrate the engagement of IOT in the resident’s everyday environment.

The interior design expresses purity and cleanliness, with a predominantly white material palette as well as minimalistic styling. The lighting concept amplifies this concept.

Large luminous surfaces were used over key spaces to provide diffused ambient lighting. Discreet but powerful downlights with calibrated beam angles give maximum punch to tables and task surfaces. For visual softness, ceiling details were created such that downlights are softly ‘moulded’ into the ceilings. Linear lighting details delineate walls, serving as visual details that guide customer traffic.

The sales gallery operates mostly in the day and the architecture allowed for generous daylight to fill the interiors. Poor contrast ratio between natural and artificial lighting would result in dull and lifeless interiors. The challenge was to achieve good contrast ratio while using a minimal number of luminaires and adhering to strict local power guidelines.

Large, dynamic LED displays are used as both advertisement and art. The team was sensitive to adopt lighting solutions that provide visual comfort and minimise distracting reflections. Small aperture downlights came with excellent glare-control, and their placement were considered to avoid reflected glare on displays. Linear lighting details were indirect, or deeply recessed behind diffusers for soft, glare-free effect. All linear LED luminaires were specified with dot-free effect for maximum visual comfort. The results are visually calm and still spaces that gave maximum contrast to the animated, dynamic displays.

In discussion zones, to minimise use of downlights, a large luminous ceiling was introduced, and walls were accentuated with indirect lighting, boosting the perception of brightness. Floor lamps and pendants were customised to provide localised diffused lighting for seating groups.

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