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Jingmen Sales Gallery

Project Information –

Year Completed: 2019

Client: Seedland

Location: Jingmen, China

Project Type: Sales Gallery

Photo Credits: Seedland

Project Description –

Inspired by the ancient history of Jingmen, this sales gallery space is inspired by the origins of the city’s name, which means “Gateway to Jingzhou”. The architecture and interiors offer glimpses into spaces through the play of geometry and openings, creating framed illusions of connected & disconnected spaces.

The lighting atmosphere is quiet and subdued, exuding warmth and sophistication. The interior lighting design aims to enhance the geometries of the architecture, with linear grazing along walls serving to extend the architectural language. The planning of luminaires was carefully considered. Although many spotlights were required for lighting the high-volume space and display features, the spotlights were grouped and semi-recessed into special details, such that they appear organised and tailored.

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