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Kunming Jinning Sales Gallery

Project Information –

Year Completed: 2021

Client: Seedland

Location: Kunming, China

Project Type: Sales Gallery

Photo Credit: Seedland

Project Description –

Envisioned as a glasshouse within a garden setting, the biophilic aspect of this sales gallery becomes a central theme.
Surrounded by a glass façade with views to external landscape, the interior features a sunken garden with banquet seats for discussion, whilst providing a visual connection to the waterscape and greenery, blurring the boundaries between visitors and the surrounding landscape.

Lighting is meticulously planned to maintain the pristine look of ceilings, without compromising on performance. At night, the sales gallery becomes a stunning lantern with a play of reflections in the surrounding pools. While the façade lighting is cool and sleek, the interior lighting sensitively takes on a slightly warmer tone, revealing inviting spaces and the biophilic high-tech lifestyle that is being showcased.

Decorative lighting takes inspiration from surrounding nature – from water droplet pendant lights hanging in a high atrium to giant leaf shaped lampshades that shelter over seating areas.

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