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Light Experience Centre

Project Information –

Year Completed: 2022

Client: Aero Hospitality Lighting

Location: Singapore

Project Type: Commercial

Photo Credits: Triston Yeo

Project Description –

At approximately 177 sqm in size, this lighting showroom is a small but deeply immersive experiential centre for innovative lighting solutions. Beyond being a place where retail transactions take place or where products are displayed, it engages customers and strengthens the design community.

The showroom allows the client to engage with all their customers - bringing them on a journey to experience and appreciate the benefits of good lighting and lighting technology.

First time visitors are taken on a memorable experiential journey before deciding which lights to purchase, and regular customers can drop by for meetings or even just to work. Visitors can also attend seminar events for up to 15 people.

Nestled in the showroom is a casual and inviting space. Customers are made to feel at ease and are encouraged to linger; they can pop in for an hour, or stay for a whole day. The space is tight, but it is flexible to cater to the different functions it aims to fulfil.

Spatial volumes and surfaces were carefully considered to facilitate the testing and experience of over 200 lights. Within the tight space constraints, the design and placement of the wide variety of luminaries were methodically planned. In addition to being able to see the application of lights, the design of the showcase encourages exploration.

The showroom provides a welcoming and valuable experience for the lighting design community to understand and see the importance of lighting. More than a showroom or a retail shop, this project has spaces curated specifically to facilitate the lighting design community in expanding their networks, collaborating, and growing the education of lighting.

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