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OCBC Flagship Wisma Atria

Project Information –

Year Completed: 2022

Client: OCBC

Location: Singapore

Project Type: Retail

Photo Credits: Triston Yeo, Peggy Tan

Project Description –

This bank flagship redefines its customer experience, with a bookstore, café, retail and event areas, art gallery, and sushi bar included on its premises.

Glint Lighting Design was challenged to create unique experiences for each zone, yet with smooth transitions. Various lighting techniques were used according to different spatial functions, responding to evolving interior palettes and different degrees of privacy. Colour temperatures range from 2700K to 4000K but each lighting element was carefully calibrated for a coherent feel.

Weaving throughout each zone is a stunning illuminated book spine that provides the project’s central statement.

For the café, consumer banking, retail and event zones, lighting levels and visual comfort were foremost considerations.

The interior palettes become richer and darker as one approaches personal banking zones and the art gallery. Here the lighting design shifts from creating luminous, ambient environments to crafting dramatic and luxurious spaces. For personal banking, private discussion tables nestle within sculptural pods which glow internally. Small spotlights concealed in black ceiling slots serve to light tables, and to accentuate the curving walls, enhancing their rich colour and texture. The lighting approach heightens a sense of privacy and calm.

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