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Private Clubhouse Beijing

Project Information –

Year Completed: 2021

Client: Private

Location: Beijing, China

Project Type: Residential

Photo Credits: Studio iF, Glint Lighting Design

Project Description –

Envisioned as a retreat from the bustle of city living in heart of Beijing, this private clubhouse is an oasis of calm, with its interior spaces composed around a large, landscaped courtyard. Atriums and pools feature extensively throughout the house under a skylight canopy, drawing an abundance of natural daylighting to deep recesses of the house.

The lighting design approach is tailored and mannered, with the use of discreet and well-concealed luminaires to enhance interior design features and artwork. Indirect lighting is used extensively to provide a comfortable, residential feel. High performance fixtures with good colour rendering and consistency were chosen to complement the soft and neutral interior palette. The indoor pool area in particular becomes a magical place in the evening, transformed by atmospheric uplighting and constellations of fibre optic light.

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