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Private Parkland Clubhouse

Project Information –

Year Completed: 2018

Client: Private

Location: Beijing, China

Project Type: Residential

Photo Credits: Studio iF

Project Description –

This is a clubhouse situated within a National Park. The colours of the park’s landscaping extend into the interiors; washing each space in a comfortable warmth. Injections of fun and whim are imbued into the fairytale-like interiors; via implementations like curated artwork, furniture and custom lighting.

The overall lighting atmosphere is soft and diffused, with extensive use of indirect lighting. A key challenge was in the downlighting strategy due to the steeply sloping ceilings. Discreet, deep recessed directional fixtures with darklight reflectors were planned carefully to maintain the clean appearance of the sloped timber ceilings and to minimise glare.
Tunable white indirect lighting was used to create different lighting atmospheres that morph throughout the day and according to the seasons.

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