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The Continuum Sales Gallery

Project Information –

Year Completed: 2023

Client: Hoi Hup Realty

Location: Singapore

Project Type: Sales Gallery

Photo Credits: Triston Yeo

Project Description –

Lighting plays a critical role in setting the right atmosphere and creating the desired mood in our living spaces. It goes beyond mere functionality; it's an art form that elevates our homes and uplifts our spirits. Increasingly, developers and homeowners are recognising the benefits of well-designed lighting environments and their choices in lighting reflect a growing desire to curate spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Continuum sales gallery delivers this sophisticated experience to its visitors. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by a sleek entrance with a backlit glass feature wall. The interiors of the sales gallery is generous in volume but exudes a soft and warm ambience. The lighting was designed to instantly cue visitors to relax and unwind, and attention is drawn to the dramatic model displays.

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