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Wuxi Yuqi Sales Gallery

Project Information –

Year Completed: 2020

Client: Seedland

Location: Jiangsu, China

Project Type: Sales Gallery

Photo Credits: Seedland

Project Description –

This is a sales gallery in the city of Wuxi, China, for a developer advocating smart hi-tech living. Interior design firm Studio iF chose the concept of ‘Soft Technology’ to celebrate a symbiotic relationship between human, nature and technology. Unlike many spaces that showcase technology, which tend to look hard and futuristic, smooth organic elements are used to shape cocoon-like spaces.

An extensive luminous curvaceous ‘spatial sculpture’ covering the main spaces becomes a landmark focal point. This luminous element extends vertically upwards from the lower floor and seamlessly wraps over the deep discussion area on the upper floor, bathing the exclusive area in soft homogeneous white light and visually linking both floors together. Seen from outside through the glass façade, this creates a stark contrast with the sleek architectural envelope.

The key design challenge was to create uniform and comfortable luminous surfaces while meeting functional needs for the discussion areas. The backlighting approach had to provide sufficient task lighting for activities such as reading and signing contracts, without using any downlights in some spaces. A diffused and glare free lighting environment is essential to soften the overall mood and to create a welcoming experience.

To keep the ceiling clean, downlights are kept small and clustered in groups, sometimes echoing the curved forms below in their layout.

As the limited budget precludes dimming, circuitry was carefully planned for light level flexibility, while maintaining uniformity of backlighting. This is especially for the areas with generous daylight near double-height glazing - to achieve good contrast ratio – and for zones where customers look at interactive LED screen displays. Stretched material backlighting fixtures were divided into two alternate circuits to allow adjustability of lux levels and visual comfort when the interactive LED screens are in use.

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